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sell my vacant land in the united states

Discover a quick and easy way to sell vacant land.

Turn your land into cash with our trusted services.

As proud American Land Owners and Investors, we are deeply committed to cherishing and preserving the great land of America. We specialize in cash purchases of vacant land nationwide. Our seasoned investment team provides a streamlined selling process to help you unlock the value of your property hassle-free. Submit our online form, call, text, or email us to get started. 

Ready to sell your unused land?

Tell us about your vacant lot and we'll get you a fair no-obligation cash offer within 1-2 weeks.

No fees.
No commissions.
We pay all closing costs.

Step 1

Submit Property Info

Call, text, email, or submit our online form and tell us about your vacant land.

Step 2

Land Assessment

We'll evaluate your land based on size, access, zoning, location, utilities, topography, soil, & more.

Step 3

Receive Cash Offer

Our team will provide a cash offer based on our assessment and current market conditions.

Step 4

Get Paid

Upon signing an official purchase agreement, we'll schedule a closing date and you'll get paid.

sell my vacant land fast with All American Acreage

How Does it Work?

All American Acreage is proudly owned by Jack and Lindsay Karger, a dedicated husband and wife leadership team. As a small business, we combine personalized service with the ability to operate at scale, ensuring that we can effectively serve landowners nationwide.

Sell Directly To Us

No need to involve agents, inspectors, appraisers, or banks as middlemen. By selling directly to All American Acreage, you avoid administrative red tape and costly commissions and fees. Wondering how to sell land without a realtor? Our process accomplishes that, saving you thousands of dollars.

We Cover All Transaction Costs

From title fees to escrow and closing costs, we take care of all expenses associated with the transaction. If any tests or surveys are required during escrow, we handle the costs without passing them on to you.

We Buy the Land As-Is

There's no need to worry about cleaning, clearing, or adding utilities to the land. We purchase properties in their current condition, allowing you to sell "as-is, where-is" without the hassle of making improvements.

We Pay Cash

As we don't rely on bank financing, we offer cash payments and can close transactions swiftly. We'll close as quickly as the local title insurance company will allow us to. In many cases, we complete the process in as little as two-to-three weeks, providing you with a fast and efficient sale.

We Empower You Throughout the Process

We believe in keeping you informed and involved every step of the way. We ensure that you understand the process and provide clear communication, empowering you with knowledge about the transaction.

Why Sell Your Land?

There are several ways Land Owners like you benefit from selling their vacant land.

Unlock the
Land's Value

Selling your land allows you to unlock the hidden value and convert it into immediate cash, providing you with financial flexibility and opportunities.

Positive Market Conditions

Your property’s location and the surrounding area may be experiencing favorable market conditions. You could secure a sale for a great price.

Financial Freedom

Selling your land on your terms grants you the financial freedom to embark on new adventures, pursue your dreams, and secure a more stable and worry-free future.

Streamline Your Property Holdings

Selling underutilized land helps streamline your property portfolio, allowing you to focus on projects that align more closely with your current objectives and aspirations.

Your Portfolio

Selling land allows you to diversify and enhance your financial strategy by reallocating the proceeds from the sale to different assets.

on Investment

If you own land that has appreciated in value over time, selling it allows you to capitalize on your investment and potentially reap substantial profits.

Seize New

You could use the funds to seize new business opportunities that align with your evolving financial goals, and empower your family and your future.

Your Finances

Selling land can alleviate financial stress by paying off debts, property taxes, or medical expenses, bringing you peace of mind.

Liquidate an
Unused Asset

You have unused land and/or no development plans, and selling it would unleash untapped potential. You could transform it into other valuable assets.

Submit Your Land Details for Evaluation and Receive Your Cash Offer  

  • When will I receive my offer?
    We understand the importance of timely offers. Our seasoned investment team will review your lands details within 2-4 business days and present you with a fair cash offer, allowing you to make an informed decision without unnecessary delays.
  • Can I sell my land to you without involving a realtor?
    Absolutely! By selling directly to All American Acreage, you can skip the complications and expenses associated with realtors. Our expert team handles the entire process and we work with a network of local title companies, making it easier and more cost-effective for you.
  • Why should I choose All American Acreage instead of listing on the market?
    Selling to All American Acreage offers several advantages. Unlike traditional market listings, you won't have to wait for potential buyers or deal with uncertain closing timelines. We provide a streamlined selling process, ensuring a quick and reliable sale of your land. We also cover all closing costs.
  • What types of vacant land do you purchase?
    We invest in a wide range of vacant land, from small infill lots in developed neighborhoods, to large recreational, agricultural, or forestry tracts, to commercially-zoned land, and everything in between. Our experienced investment team evaluates each lot individually and provides competitive cash offers regardless of its characteristics.
  • How do you determine the cash offer on my land?
    Our investment team carefully analyzes various factors, including location, size, access, zoning, utilities, topography, soil, market conditions, and more, to determine a fair cash offer for your land. We strive to provide competitive offers that reflect the true value of your property.
  • What if my land has specific property uses or unique conditions?
    All American Acreage is well-equipped to handle land with different property uses and conditions. We have the expertise to evaluate and understand the potential of your land, ensuring that you receive a cash offer tailored to its specific attributes.
  • Will I have to pay closing costs, commissions or any fees when selling to All American Acreage?
    No, our customers never have to worry about paying closing costs, commissions or fees. As part of our commitment to provide a seamless selling experience, we cover all costs associated with the transaction, saving you time, money and unnecessary headaches. The price we offer is the amount you'll walk away with at closing.
  • How can I trust All American Acreage with the sale of my land?
    All American Acreage is a trusted and reputable land investment and development company with extensive experience in the industry. We prioritize transparency, professionalism and customer satisfaction. We work with local title insurance companies on every transaction to close legally and safely so your money and title are protected.
  • How long does it take All American Acreage to close on deals?
    We prioritize efficient and timely transactions. While every deal is unique, we typically aim to close within 30 days or less once an official purchase agreement is signed. We understand the importance of a quick closing and work closely with our customers to expedite the process as much as possible.
  • In what locations does All American Acreage buy property?
    All American Acreage is an American Company that buys property across the entire United States. Whether your land is located in a bustling city, or a rural area, we'll make offers on any property situated on U.S. soil. Our extensive coverage allows us to consider land from sea to shining sea.
  • Am I obligated to accept All American Acreage's offer?
    No, there is never an obligation to accept our cash offer. That said, while we strive to provide fair offers considering the benefits we bring to the table as quick-moving investors, we are ALWAYS open to discuss the purchase price and certain concessions with you in order to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial.
  • I receive offers on my property all the time, why should I choose All American Acreage?
    Tired of fake offers? All American Acreage has been in the Land Investment Industry since 2017. We have performed hundreds of land transactions. We provide the safest, most efficient, cost-effective, and stress-free experience selling your land as possible. We always go through title insurance and are happy to provide proof of funds up front.
  • What will you do with my land once you buy it?
    Once we acquire a property, deciding what to do with it depends on several factors like what kind of improvement needs to be done, the land's designated zoning uses, the growth and development of the surrounding area, etc. Usually we improve the lot to sell to developers, develop it ourselves or hold the land as a long-term investment.

You're Just One Step Away From Selling Your Land!

Take the final step towards becoming a satisfied land seller with All American Acreage. Our no-obligation cash offer provides you with comprehensive data and information, empowering you to make a well-informed decision with confidence.

You'll be free from the land you never used or planned to use

You'll never have to pay another dollar for the land's taxes or maintenance

You'll free up cash to improve your life!


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